Arctic Sea Ice Volume Hits Record Low Third Year in a Row

(Image Credit: L Hamilton, Data Credit: PIOMAS)

According to the most recent update from the Polar Science Center, sea ice volume reached a new record low during August. This is the third consecutive record low since 2009 and the current low is 400 cubic kilometers below the previous record set in 2011. This new low is a 10% fall from the 2011 value. A total of 75% of sea ice volume has been lost since 1979.

September usually marks the lowest volume measure for the year. So it is possible that the 2012 record is only preliminary and will fall lower as the melt season reaches its peak.

As for this year, all measures of sea ice area, extent, and volume are in record territory. Current rates of loss show that ice-free or nearly ice free conditions are possible within the next ten years.

(Image Credit: PIOMAS)

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