If Weather Forecasters Started Tracking Global Warming…

Just yesterday, I had a conversation with a family member about the serious need for weather forecasters to begin covering climate trends and global warming. The trends are such that over the coming years and decades weather events are likely to grow ever more extreme and the potential for unprecedented and severely damaging events grows greater and greater.

The above video makes light of what is an extraordinarily disturbing trend. But some pretty serious data is wrapped in with all the farce. More than 300 consecutive months have passed with temperatures above the 20th century average. More than 4 million square kilometers of sea ice are gone. The world’s fossil fuel companies possess more than five times the reserves necessary to push the world above the safe climate limit and an amount of carbon at least twice that volume lies stored in fragile methane deposits throughout both the Arctic and Antarctic.

All reasons for any weather person, or any other sane person for that matter, to rant.

In any case, it is a must-see.

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