Over 90,000 Americans Sign Petition For Climate Change Question At Debate

Since 1988, every Presidential debate has included the issue of climate change. Yet this year, in a year when Arctic sea ice fell to levels nearly 50% below 1988, in a year when the entire Greenland ice sheet experienced melt, in a year when scientists are saying a historic drought was made worse by climate change, in a year of record fires around the globe and during a year when Atlantic tropical storms are more than twice as numerous as during a regular season, the issue of climate change has not come up once.

This is nothing short of travesty. It should have been an issue critical to each debate, something as important to our economy and future as jobs creation and the budget deficit. Yet one candidate, Mitt Romney, is on record saying he doesn’t even believe in the mountain of scientific evidence behind human-caused climate change. And in all the debates, thus far, no question on the issue has been posed.

Perhaps the moderators do not feel that 75 billion in climate change damages via the current US drought is a subject worthy of discussion. Or perhaps these same moderators are happy to ignore the fact that the UN has declared the world on the brink of a food crisis, should any other ‘unforeseen events’ take place?

Looking at the above compilation of debates on the issue of climate change, it would seem that we have ignored the issue for far too long and that the increasingly severe weather and damage is now upon us. And, at such a time, we have now decided the issue isn’t worthy of discussion? To draw such a conclusion would truly reveal us to be a stupid, short-sighted and callous race. For the failure to deal with this problem does not just affect each of us now living. It impacts the lives of all people, all creatures yet unborn. It affects the life, all life, of our world. And we are brutish, terrible, and, yes, wholly maniacal if we ignore it.

Please join those who have signed the petition for a climate change question at tonight’s debate:

More than anything, this issue is one that affects us all.


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