Donald Trump’s Money Would Be Better Spent Building Wind Farms

Donald Trump isn’t happy. So, as usual, he’s making a big fuss.

The trouble this time? Not Barack Obama’s birth certificate. No. It’s windmills. In this case eleven wind turbine generators slated to be built in the ocean near a new golf course Trump constructed in Scotland.

The wind mills will provide power for a much as half of local residents and cost only about 400 million dollars. Trump’s golf course will cost 1.2 billion and suck up a goodly portion of its own energy while giving nothing back. One project produces a luxury that many residents of the Scotland coast will be unable to enjoy. Another produces renewable, zero GHG emission power that benefits everyone in the region and has much larger benefits around the globe.

Yet Donald Trump’s hoity-toity 1.2 billion golf course is too good for those helpful turbines. Trump, invoking the royal ‘we,’ says “We will spend whatever monies are necessary to see to it that these huge and unsightly industrial wind turbines are never constructed.”

To me, wind turbines don’t look industrial. They look majestic. And the future they represent makes them even more appealing. Yet the image Trump invokes is one of coal power plant smoke stacks. Is he even talking about the same windmills?


(Image source: Inhabitat)

What makes Trump’s tirade even worse is that he not only spends massive sums of money on a coastal development in danger of being wiped out by the climate change those windmills may help prevent, but he also plans to spend any sum necessary to stop the windmills from being built at all. Trump, a real estate mogul, should know better than to throw good money after bad goals. Yet here he is, doing just that.

I won’t invoke the royal ‘we.’ But I do think I could put the Don’s money to better use. If he had instead invested that 1.2 billion sum in wind energy, he could have powered as many as 150,000 homes and put a nice-sized dent in climate change. So, instead of spending money to defeat a good investment, I think the Don should reconsider. Better yet, he should become a partner.

Not likely to happen, as Trump seems to have developed the completely wrong-headed notion that any long-sighted investment in alternative energy is a bad idea. So, in the future, expect him to continue to behave like a big, over-funded, baby.


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