March to Stop Climate Disruption: “This is the Most Fateful Battle in Human History, We Will Fight it Together”

Climate change is more than just an environmental issue. It’s an issue that defines how we live, where we will life, and whether or not our children and our grandchildren will live. For billions of innocent creatures across this world it’s an issue of extinction or continued survival. The human animal included.

It is the most critical justice issue of our time and of all time. For it determines whether or not there is a time after.

We cannot allow the forces now in the process of ravaging our world, the forces that are taking away our future, to proceed unchecked. And so we must send out this wide-ranging call for action. We must light the beacons on the mountains and hillsides and we must call all responsible people together so that their voices will drown out the all too-strong and oppressive forces calling for silence.

We must be heard. Life demands it. Love for our children demands it.

The cause could not be more urgent. For time is swiftly running out.

We must act! We must act! We must ACT!!

Or we will be consigned to the dust by our own and ever-too-violent hand.

Disruption and The People’s Climate March

“This is the most fateful battle in history and we will fight it together!” — Bill McKibben

I urge you all to join me in going to New York for The People’s Climate March on September 21st. And I urge you to join with me in watching what is likely to be the most significant independent documentary film ever released — Disruption — which will begin airing tomorrow (see trailer above).

the wheel of time is empty and the book of life is blank

(Who drew this mysterious and chilling pictogram during Renaissance times? The Wheel of Time is Empty and the Book of Life is blank. Of the triple goddess, the fates, only the Crone and the Mother remain, implying that the Virgin, representing future life, is gone. As for the skeletal Hart, I will leave that riddle to you. …This is a fate that is unacceptable.)

We must send a strong message that we will not longer stand quietly by as our climate continues to rapidly degrade and as our future is swept away. The time to languish in a steadily decaying comfort is at an end. The time to sit by as prospects fall and more of the primordial terrors of the world are unleashed is at an end.

Justice demands that our voices be heard and that our voices be so loud as to turn every ear and so defiant as to demand an answer. The right answer. The only answer to climate change — climate action.

Join with me in fighting to save life, in fighting to save our civilization, in fighting to save history.


The People’s Climate March


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  1. Kevin Jones

     /  September 6, 2014

    Thank you for this, my friend!


  2. Kevin Jones

     /  September 6, 2014

    both of you, I now mean.


  3. Spike

     /  September 6, 2014

    There is a march in London the same day.


  4. Re, California drought, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images has some stark photos of lake levels in No. Cal.


  5. Although I cannot come to New York, I will support this noble effort in the ways that I can.

    The distinguished British astrophysicist and cosmologist Martin Rees estimated in his 2003 book “Our Final Century: Will the Human Race Survive the Twenty-first Century?” (see: that human civilization only had a 50-50 chance of surviving the 21st century due to misuse of technology. Now that we are witnessing the progression of climate change to a degree exceeding that of official expectations, Rees’ dire probability estimate made a decade ago may have understated the risk.


  6. Thanks for doing all this hard work Robert, hope to shake you hand in NY on 21 September.


  7. Colorado Bob

     /  September 7, 2014

    Brazil drought crisis leads to rationing and tensions
    Water rationed in 19 cities in southeast and central regions after usually abundant supplies run dry


  8. You can watch the whole documentary here…


  9. The Renaissance pictogram? It appears to me, that someone was prophesying that civilization will eventually collapse so that time will no longer be measured, humanity will go extinct hence the Crone (lesbian aunt) and Mother but no Virgin Daughter, we are all going to He (double hockey sticks), metaphorically of course but at the same time all to literally thus the blank Book of Life; and yet in spite of it all the Biosphere will manage to survive after suffering a lot of loss of diversity as depicted by the Skeletal Hart.

    As you said, this cannot be permitted. But how can we stop it from happening? The Long Descent won’t come fast enough or soon enough!


  10. Kevin Jones

     /  September 18, 2014

    Hey, Commentators: What goes with only 13? As Desmond Tutu says “Walk.”



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